Residential artificial grass is a synthetic substitute for real grass that is intended for usage in backyards of private residences. It is created to appear and feel like actual grass using a range of materials, such as nylon, polypropylene, or polyethylene. For homeowners who wish to optimize their family's outside enjoyment, artificial grass for backyards is a great solution.

The fact that residential artificial grass requires far less upkeep than natural grass is one of its key advantages. Artificial grass just has to be brushed occasionally to preserve its beauty, as opposed to actual grass, which requires frequent watering, fertilization, and mowing. Residential synthetic grass also has the benefit of being significantly more durable than real grass. Without displaying indications of wear and tear, it can survive vigorous use, harsh weather, and even pet activity.

Residential artificial grass installations costs

The cost of installing residential artificial grass in a home setting can vary based on a number of elements, including the amount of the area to be covered, the turf quality chosen, and the intricacy of the installation procedure. Homeowners should calculate their costs per square foot to understand if they should consider a DIY or request artificial turf financing.

5 primary advantages where residential lawn turf should replace natural grass

  1. Better when the environment is hostile to natural grass
  2. It can withstand more use and be used more often
  3. Ideal when lawn maintenance isn’t practical
  4. Great for roof gardens and swimming pool surroundings
  5. Allows for fiber optic integration so that it can be lit up like a natural lawn

The key reason behind the use of artificial turf lies in its durability and maintenance factors.  Residential artificial turf is very resistant to high foot traffic as is experienced with professional sports.  However, residential synthetic turf is also ideal for the same reason.  Probably the biggest benefit to using residential lawn turf is the fact that you never have to mow and trim it.  Additionally, it no irrigation is required so your monthly water bill is reduced.

Get a free turf quote from a reliable installer in your neighborhood if you're interested in installing residential fake grass in your backyard to maximize the enjoyment of your family. In addition to giving you an estimate of the cost of installation, they can assist you in selecting the best type of grass for your requirements and financial situation.


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