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1. What kind of maintenance does artificial turf require?
Artificial turf should be kept clear of all dead leaves or other debris using a leaf blower or rake.

2. How long does artificial turf last?
Quality artificial turf will last you at least 8 years if not more.

3. Will the color of the artificial turf fade?
Our suppliers use the highest quality UV inhibitors in their synthetic turf blades. This is supported by a system which insures your turf a long life and minimal fading.

4. What are the advantages of artificial turf in comparison with real grass?
Artificial turf looks and feels just like real grass, but without the constant maintenance or environmental impact of machines, chemicals, and watering.

5. How do I know which artificial turf provider is best?
We have already done the work for you by pre-screening all our artificial turf installers and providers. All customer feedback is taken into consideration when listing Artificial Turf Network or Installers and Providers. We only bring you the best providers at the best prices!

6. Where can I see a artificial turf installation sample?
Our photo gallery is a great way to see some sample of the work done by network providers.

7. Can artificial turf take the abuse that my kids and animals might put it through?
Our providers turf is used by professional athletes, college athletes, as well as the standard consumer. If it is strong enough to handle the pros then it is defiantly able to withstand your family and friends

8. Where will the weeds go?
No more weeds! They cannot grow through the back of artificial turf which adds another great reason to buy artificial turf! Weeds may grow around the perimeter of the turf. Weed killer can be used without any fading or damage to the turf.

9. Can I get mildew on my artificial turf?
Artificial turf is built with an excellent drainage system included! You should never have to be concerned about mildew or mold.

10. Is the turf flammable?
Turf is flame retardant.

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1. Why the fancy putting green?
Whether you are a serious golfer or a beginner looking to improve you swing, a smooth putting surface and approach will help improve your short game. It is so close to the real thing you might even save money by not going to the course!

2. How complex can my putting green design be?
All our providers can build the putting green of your dreams or just a straight shot. Whether you want it sloped, angled, with breaks or without, we can have you ready to take on the most difficult of courses in no time.

3. How fast will the ball roll?
You can increase the green speed with a roller or slow it down with a brush.

4. What is the minimum recommended green size to build?
We recommend nothing smaller than 250 square feet. Another smaller would be a waste of your time and money, and we want to make sure that you are happy!

5. What kind of price can I expect to pay?
Get a Free Turf Quote today so we can give you a no-obligation, no-hassle estimate on your request.

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Play Artificial Turf FAQ

1. Is the artificial turf safe enough for a playground?
It is safer to your child then many other materials used in playgrounds today! No more sand in the eyes, wood chips (splinters), or rubber for you to steer clear of. Plus, it drains and dries faster than real grass resulting in more outdoor time. And, if you or your child has allergies then turf is the best way to allow them to play. It is also going to keep the dirt outside where it belongs and our of your clean house.

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Pet Turf

1. Is Pet Turf safe for my pets?
Turf is the perfect solution for pet kennels, animal hospitals, housing pets, and livestock. Pet urine does not stain, damage, or absorb into turf, providing a perfect green surface year round. The artificial turf in fill and rubber is also non-toxic.

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Rooftop Turf

1. Is it safe to have rooftop turf?
It is safe to install turf on your roof. Our providers have experience in installing numerous roof top turf projects. They all drain through your current drainage system and provide a yard for small lot sizes or an oasis above your home.

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