Field Artificial Turf


Many commercial venues homeowners today have found the value of replacing natural grass with field artificial turf.  In sports, artificial turf has played a major role where the actual playing field of these numerous sporting events is concerned hence the need for using field artificial turf.  Despite the amount of the initial investment of installing it, lawn turf brings numerous cost-effective benefits in the long run. 

Consider the following:
  • Field synthetic turf is easier to maintain because no mowing and watering is ever required, so you save on landscaping costs as well as on your monthly water bill
  • Should you have to hose the area off, it drains off extremely well so that athletes or other individuals using the field don’t have to worry about dampness or slip-and-fall-injuries
  • Field artificial turf is a great way to decrease carbon footprints in the environment
So if “going green” is a major priority with you, then point 3 above is important and replacing natural grass with field synthetic turf is a very viable option where that is concerned.  If you would like more information regarding installing this type of artificial turf or would like an estimate as to the cost of installing field lawn turf, please contact us.


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