Commercial Artificial Turf


As the artificial turf industry has evolved over several decades, we have seen a number of different applications arise for the synthetic service.  One of these applications is the use of commercial artificial turf for certain business areas.  Most of these have turned to artificial turf from natural grass for a number of reasons including:
  • Commercial synthetic turf looks just like natural grass
  • Improvement of curb and property appeal
  • It is extremely durable
  • Little or no maintenance is required
  • Natural resources do not get wasted
  • Provides easier drainage
  • The need for pesticides is eliminated
In addition to the above, there are other advantages to consider where replacing natural grass with commercial lawn turf is concerned.  These include:
  • Companies go “green” by installing commercial artificial turf
  • Dirt tracked inside is reduced or even eliminated
  • Drains considerably easier than natural grass
  • Lower maintenance costs are involved
  • Monthly water bills are dramatically reduced
Although the initial investment may be significant, in the long run, installing commercial artificial turf is going to be very cost-effective in the long run.  For more information regarding our commercial synthetic turf services please feel free to contact us and speak with one of our knowledgeable representatives.


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