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Imagine being an aspiring and avid golfer that is developing a pretty sound game.  Now think about developing your skills on a surface that looks and feels just like natural grass, requires little to no maintenance, and never develops divots when you are practicing your chipping game.  That is exactly what you will have if you install chipping mat artificial turf.  There are numerous benefits to replacing natural grass with chipping mat synthetic turf especially where improving your golf game is concerned.

Installing lawn turf has become a viable method for “going green” around the home but there are several other benefits to consider besides that and the benefits mentioned in the above paragraph.  Consider the following reasons for replacing part of your lawn with chipping mat artificial turf or your entire lawn with synthetic turf in general:
  • Saving money on your monthly water bill
  • No drainage issues after a heavy rain
  • The money you save could be used on future golf games
  • You’ll improve your chipping game
Between improving your home’s curb appeal and not having to hassle with the expense of maintaining a natural grass lawn, it’s obvious why this is a smart move.  Just remember that artificial turf is used for numerous commercial and residential applications.


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