Using Artificial Turf in Displays and Showcases

The display you chose at home or on the road can properly showcase or completely mask the greatness of your product. Placing items on a stark white table at a trade show does make the product stand out from their surroundings but has no "curb appeal" to attract potential customers to approach your booth and further inspect your products. The same goes for displays at your primary location. Whether a car dealership or any store with product to display, you will attract customers if your products are featured on an eye catching surface. Alternative material such as artificial turf can be that perfect attractant to drive customers your way.

Most car dealerships display their cars on the standard concrete or pavement of their property lot. Using artificial turf beneath the displayed cars can make certain cars stand out if you are trying to push specific inventory. It can provide a pedestal to showcase the premium automobiles in the lot. Having a green underlying surface can provide the contrast to let features like the tires of a car or truck to be more visible and attractive. Different colors, types, and durability of turf can be chosen. Turf is no longer the scratchy Astroturf of the past. It feels and looks just like to real thing and is warm and inviting year round. Customers who are "window shopping" for cars usually drive down the car dealership row that exists in most cities and stop when they see something they like. Having your cars and your entire dealership stand out due to the usage of artificial turf in displays will most certainly drive more customers to your lot.

Window displays in stores often rely on murals or hanging objects for uniqueness. Too much clutter within the display can actually distract from the product you are trying to sell and confuse the customer as to your true intent. Using artificial turf as a base surface to set your product on can be just the right combination of attraction and simplicity to entice the customer into your store. Green is a great back drop for any color combination and makes white and metallic items stand out intensely. Taking the turf on the road and using it for trade shows and conferences makes a great conversation piece for your product. The standard tablecloth, no matter what color, will pale in comparison to the one who uses turf on their table. It can be especially effective for any product related to golf or the outdoors, as the turf is a reminder of the usage of the particular product.

Staying ahead of the competition has many tactics. Product display is one of the most important things to consider when pushing a product. Standing out from your competitors and driving customers to view your product in more detail is the cornerstone of any great marketing campaign. Using artificial turf will make your products visible and desirable at a low cost and is re-usable year after year.

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