Use Synthetic Grass as Flooring in Fitness Studios and Gyms

When choosing the right flooring for your fitness studio or gym there are many things to consider. Certainly durability and traction are at the top of the list. The appearance of the flooring is also something to consider. There are many types of flooring to choose from. The standard gym flooring choices are cork, rubber matting, carpet, hardwood, Pergo, vinyl, or basic concrete. An alternative to the standard that makes your gym stand out among others and also offers all of the specifications you desire is artificial turf.

The durability of your gym flooring is of chief concern, especially if you are renting a space. Despite signs and warnings to your customers, they often drop weights. A heavy weight can permanently damage your underlying floor if it is dropped. Your damage deposit can be lost in one drop of a weight if you chose the wrong type of flooring for your gym. Artificial Turf can provide an excellent barrier between your original flooring and the damage you or your patrons can deliver it.

Proper foot traction is one of the most important things to consider in your gym. If your client loses their footing while performing any exercise they could seriously injure themselves, causing you to not only lose a client but have it way on your mind that your flooring has caused an injury to someone you were trying to help. Artificial Turf offers superior traction against slippage as well as padding should anyone fall. You can’t always count on your clients to have shoes that have proper traction on them so you need to safeguard yourself and make sure that your flooring won’t allow slippage no matter the age or condition of their shoes.

Rubber, vinyl, and concrete flooring can make your gym look very industrial which can scare off potential clients. A lot of women are already intimidated by the gym and look for studios that have a warm and inviting atmosphere. Making your facility stand out and seem more attractive to everyone can be achieved by installing artificial turf as your flooring. It can be a way to bring the outdoors indoors in climates where outdoor training can only be seasonal or your facility doesn’t have an outdoor space. Bootcamps can especially benefit from artificial turf flooring. Most bootcamps are structured to be performed outside and the visuals of being outside help the client motivate. In the middle of winter, this illusion that turf provides can offer the motivation your clients need to make it to bikini season.

The aesthetics of your facility are a well thought out process. The right paint colors to portray your message and your theme. The proper murals or encouraging statements to provide the motivation your clients need. The right flooring to provide the safety and warm environment your clients deserve. Artificial turf can fall into your plan for the perfect gym experience.

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