Top Reasons to have an Artificial Lawn

Natural resources are always dwindling, water being one of them. The cost of keeping your lawn green year round can be extraordinary and in some climates, impossible. The average cost to water one acre of lawn can be as much as $200 per month. An artificial lawn can be the answer to having the green grass you desire at less of a cost than you may think. There are many reasons besides water conservation to consider turf as an option including decreased allergies, no back breaking lawn maintenance, no expensive equipment to purchase, the guarantee of a perfect lawn, green space in the city, and decreased dirt and debris entering your home.

Many people suffer from environmental allergies and one of the most common allergens is grass. Grass can elicit a histamine response from direct contact or from particulates in the air when grass is cut. Artificial grass can be chosen based on color as well as blade length so that the perfect lawn appearance and feel can be achieved for the life of the lawn. Grass allergies can be severe and having an artificial lawn eliminates the necessity of allergy pills just to enjoy playing in the back yard.

Artificial Lawns have no maintenance once properly installed. There is no weeding or mowing, no need for harsh fertilizers or chemicals to keep bugs away. Many people know the feeling of a strained back due to a day of pulling weeds. The best looking lawn in the neighborhood often requires the most maintenance and money to keep looking amazing. The shade of your lawn can be custom and chosen based on your preferences for color and feel. There is no equipment required to maintain an artificial lawn so no need for expensive lawn mowers that require the extra cost of gasoline and maintenance.

Green space can be very hard to find in a city with towering buildings and park only accessible by driving or walking for long distances. Installing artificial grass on your roof top deck or even a patio can offer the outdoor requirements for your animal without having to leave your home everytime they need to excuse themselves. Turf can be easy to clean and with proper drainage, liquid waste just washed away leaving no odor or residue. There will be no dirt or grass blades entering your home stuck to your pet or your shoes. In fact, your shoes and pet will most likely becoming cleaner due to walking on turf as it works as a sort of scrub for attached debris.

An artificial lawn can save you money, save resources, and save your family and pets from allergies. A onetime cost will provide a beautiful long lasting green space that your neighbors and all who enter your home will enjoy.

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