Rooftop turf for inner city living cools the building

Living in the city is an amazing thing. The sound of heels clicking on the sidewalk as groups of people walk to the newest restaurant or gallery opening can be invigorating. Watching people take mass transit or hail cabs instead of driving solo in their car the 5 blocks to work is a great reminder that people are making a conscious effort to be aware of their environment and appreciate the natural resources that so many take for granted. One major drawback of the city can be the lack of individual green space that humans naturally desire. Many parks are easily accessible but sometimes it is nice to be able to just let your animal outside to do their business, or relax your outside your home with some privacy. Installing artificial turf on your rooftop or outside patio can offer both of these amenities at a low cost.

The difference between installing artificial grass on rugged outdoor terrain and on a patio or deck is that less is required of the installer to lay the grass properly. In fact, purchasing the turf and installing it yourself is not as difficult as it may seem if the proper steps are taken. Opening your patio doors and allowing your dog the freedom of being indoors and outdoors without having to leave your apartment will give you back the time you used to spend walking to the park. Artificial grass is certainly no alternative to walking your animal and providing them with exercise, but it does keep you from having to walk alone in the dark while they find their perfect place. Especially if you are a female, this is a benefit. Cleaning up after your pet is easy too. Pick up solid waste just as you would at the park and wash away any liquid waste or remaining debris. The drainage of properly installed turf ensures no smell or left over debris to worry about.

Green space on your roof also can assist with keeping your home cool in the summer. Sunlight is absorbed by dark colors and most city dwelling rooftops are some sort of flat tar roof. These roofs seek the heat of the sun and hold it in, warming your home as the day progresses. Artificial grass reflects the sun’s rays just as natural grass would and has an immediate effect in keeping the temperature low in your home. Sitting on your tar roof in a lawn chair soaking in some rays doesn’t have the same effect as sitting on a lawn peacefully with your feet in the grass. Artificial turf has made large developmental strides and looks and feels exactly like real grass. You can choose the color as well as the blade length to get the desired look and feel that is custom to you and your pet’s liking.

Finding a piece of the outdoors in the city can be hard to do. Installing artificial grass can give you the security and privacy that you may have had to give up for the hustle and bustle of the big city.

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