Hypoallergenic Grass

For the individual who suffers with asthma or pollen-induced hay fever, there are usually only two options that you can pursue to lessen the problem. Either you can re-seed your lawn with a strain of hypoallergenic grass or you can invest in artificial turf. Many individuals have planted allergy free grass to relieve numerous respiratory and other health problems. However, to truly create an allergy free lawn and relieve the miseries of suffering with allergies, residential artificial turf is the only way to go. We are the industry leader in artificial turf and have the lawn solutions that you are looking for.

There are a number of benefits to planting hypoallergenic grass or installing artificial turf, some of the advantages include:

- feels and looks just like real grass
- improves the curb appeal of your property
- little or no maintenance required
- lowers the amount of wasted natural resources
- no need to ever allergy free grass with pesticides
- provides drainage and durability

If you are considering putting in an allergy-free lawn, the following 5 advantages to installing artificial turf will most likely help you in your decision-making:

- a better choice if the environment is not conducive to natural grass
- can be used more often and withstand repeated use
- ideal when landscaping and lawn maintenance isn’t practical
- perfect surroundings for roof gardens and swimming pools

The underlying reasons for using artificial turf are its hypoallergenic composition as well as its durability and maintenance-free tendencies. Additionally, it is extremely resistant to high foot traffic but the best feature is that it never has to be mowed or trimmed, which suits most people living a busy life. Whether it is being used for commercial or residential reasons, many people today are switching over from natural grass to artificial turf.

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