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How to Replace Your Grass with Fake Grass

Once you realize all the benefits that fake grass provides compared to natural grass, it’s easy to see why so many people today have replaced their lawns with it. Not only that but avid golfers have turned to artificial turf for their chipping and putting greens in order to improve that part of their golf game. Synthetic turf looks greener than regular grass because it is. One of the key benefits is that it is hypoallergenic so if there are family members with allergies, you needn’t worry about them suffering during the different allergy seasons.

It requires little or no maintenance, meaning that it saves you money on your monthly water bill and the back-breaking labor that goes into mowing, trimming, and other lawn upkeep such as fertilizing and thatching. Fake grass also provides other benefits such as increasing your home’s curb appeal, not having to apply pesticides, no dead patches to contend with, and it stays green year round. Although there is the initial investment of purchasing it and having it installed, the savings down the road are far-reaching.

Hiring a professional or DIY?

When it comes to replacing your natural lawn with fake grass, you’ll be faced with either hiring a professional installer or you can treat this as a DIY project. If you decide to install it yourself, here is what you will be faced with. Naturally the first step is measuring the overall dimensions of the lawn area that you want to replace, ripping all of that out, and then disposing of it. Next, you will want to compact the ground, apply a layer of sand, and then level it out. Lay your turf out and let it settle for about 3 hours so there is no chance of it creasing.

Use glue and seaming tape to bind the strips of fake grass together and then apply the sand infill, raking it across the surface to ensure that it is level and shields the turf backing from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. The final step is to attach your artificial turf to the ground using landscaping nails spaced two inches apart. Once you have completed all of these steps, the installation of your artificial turf is complete. Naturally, if you are unsure of your skills, the company that you purchased your fake grass will be happy to discuss installation with you.

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