Drought Resistant Grass

Regardless of where you live in the US, there is no climatic condition that can be as devastating and far-reaching as the havoc that a severe drought wreaks on families, communities, and entire regions. It is very hard on the economy as well and affects a number of key industries, especially agriculture, farming, and ranching. When this condition exists, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure that there is enough water those daily tasks that you cannot live comfortably without.

What so many people don’t realize is how most of us take our water supply for granted as if it always going to be there whenever we need. However, enduring the rigors of drought will make you respect this natural luxury a great deal more than what you might have otherwise. You want to be thorough and investigate all areas of the inside and outside of your home that have anything to do with the water supply. Are any of your faucets dripping? Does the toilet run or is it being flushed unnecessarily?

The goal is to ensure that you do not waste any water whenever possible. When a drought occurs, the water level of our lakes gets lower and lower, therefore diminishing our water reserves. The earth’s water table drops dramatically, further hindering the amount of water we have to use in our homes. So it is imperative that you take every step necessary to conserve that water supply, even during non-drought times. However, there is also another way that you can conserve water and that is to replace your lawn with artificial turf.

There are numerous benefits to having an artificial turf lawn. Naturally, the primary benefit is the fact that you will use considerably less water to keep the outside of your home looking good. This is turn can decrease the amount of your water bill by up to 50%, depending on the size of your lawn area. You might also consider putting in plants that are heat resistant and require less water if you live in an area that is more prone to drought conditions than others.

There are more reasons than this of course, but this is the primary reason for considering the installation of artificial turf. There are numerous companies who sell artificial turf as well as installing it. So you will need to do a bit of research before making your decision.

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