Artificial Turf for Pet Space

When living in a big city, many reside in apartments, condominiums and townhouses. Many who live in these often tight quarters have dogs despite the lack of outdoor space. No matter the time of night, your dog must be taken out of the confines of the building in order to do their business. Having the option to let your pet on to your patio or a special area within your space can be achieved with artificial turf. Many animals also have allergies just as humans do. These allergies can be severe and worsened by contact with real grass and the allergens contained within it. Artificial Turf offers and allergy free way for your dog to enjoy the outdoors without compounding any allergy problems they may already suffer from.

Big City living is exciting and many love the fact that so many people are residing in a small square area. Many of these people also have dogs. As we all know, dogs need lots of exercise and access to the outdoors in order to have a healthy life. Large areas of green space and parks are abundant in large cities but often only safe in daylight hours. Since we cannot guarantee that our pooches will only have to relieve themselves from sun up to sun down, artificial turf can offer an alternative green space for your dog. Any patio or even rooftop deck can be equipped with artificial turf easily. A properly installed space has great drainage and clean up is just as easy as on real grass. Women especially should be leery of having to take their dogs out for walks when it is dark. Creating an artificial green space using turf within the confines of your apartment or townhouse makes for a safer environment for you and your dog to do their business at any hour. Turf has the appearance and feel of real grass and you nor your pet will notice the difference.

Animals can have allergies just as humans do. Sometimes these allergies are severe and require medications and creams to remedy. When these allergies are environmental, every trip outdoors can mean a flare up. Often grass is a trigger and allergen for many animals. Replacing your real grass lawn with an artificial turf lawn can provide a great solution to help with allergies. Turf has come a long way and can be handpicked for the color and feel that you desire. It also has great durability so no need to worry about your dogs claws tearing it when they race around the yard or chase a ball. Properly installed turf has great drainage and cleaning up pet waste is just as simple as with real grass. Picking up solid waste and disposing of it then rinsing away any leftover debris is all you have to do. Liquid waste falls right through the engineered drainage of the turf. Often times it can be hard to pinpoint exactly what is causing your dog’s allergies and itchiness. Installing turf just scratches one more potential environmental allergen off the list.

Installing artificial turf is also a great way to conserve water and lower your bills. Your safety and the health of your pet top the list of benefits, but saving the environment is a close second.

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