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Selecting the right artificial turf for you can be costly and time-consuming. With FindMyTurf.com we've done all the hard work for you to make your entire transition smooth and stress free. We've developed a network of top nationwide artificial turf installers and turf dealers. No guesswork, just the best artificial turf prices for you from top lawn turf and synthetic turf companies.

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Find My Turf is here to answer any question you have and guide you in the right direction.

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As an added benefit, Find My Turf will follow up with you to verify your satisfaction. We will do everything in our power to provide you with peace of mind throughout your life-changing journe

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Prepare for a new life. One that allows you to get rid of the lawn mower, reduce your water bill, and put an end to the inconvenience of modern grass. Prepare for a new level of conscious living. Go Grass Free now!

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You want the best? We got the best artificial turf. We'll cover your area with a fully warrantied fake grass that will have everyone wondering how your lawn stays so green. Our field artificial turf will be installed by professionals that know how to keep your athletes from destroying your beautiful turf.

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If you aren't sure how large your area is, we could help you measure your area online. Our program uses Google Maps to plot a square footage area for you. If you don't know, now you know!

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If you've measured your area or already have the length by width of the area, you'll know the square footage to use our Artificial Turf Costs Calculator. Either enter the length by width or exact sqaure footage to receive the fully installed artificial turf costs or the DIY artificial turf costs.

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Let one our our installation experts provide you with a finalized quote for your turf with installation or a DIY artificial turf project you have.

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We have several lending options to assist customers that are looking to get financing artificial turf installation.

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Find happiness by going grass free with artificial turf, also known as lawn turf or synthetic turf. Why continue on with maintaining and paying the water bill for your current lawn when you could have the perfect turf solution today? There are many turf options available to residential and commercial business owners that will end the battle over their lawn.

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